Flash Fiction

She was here again. Same night of the year, same reservation time, table for two. She always came in dressed to the nines. Usually a fancy dress and sometimes a fur wrap.

She would sit at the table with a smile on her face. Casually casting about. She would sit there until closing and then get up and say

“Thank you, I must have had the place wrong. I’ll get ahold of him and we’ll figure it out. Thank you all the same for a lovely evening.” This had been going on for so long she had become something of a legend at the upscale hotel’s posh restaurant.

All of us that had worked there for a while would fill the new comers in.
“So she just shows up every year? At the same time and sits alone all night? How sad.” They’d say.

We all had our theories of why she did it. She was crazy, her memory was going, she had been stood up, etc. But I always felt there was something more to it. Maybe a long lost love she’s waiting to see after years of being apart. Whatever the reason, today was the day she would turn up again.

She came in again and greeted all of us as you would a dear friend. I showed her to her seat and asked her if I could start her off with a drink.

“Just a water for now,” she smiled. “He’ll be here before too long and I’ll order when he’s here.”

I smiled having heard this every year. I took her her water

“Not much longer,” she replied.
“No problem,” I said “I’ll be right over there if you need anything.”
“Thank you,” she smiled sweetly.

I went to the bar, “poor lady’s here again, huh?” Jeff said.
“Yep, like clock work,” I said. “I just hope this years different for the poor lady.”

Time passed slowly. I went to check on her several more times. Her normal response was given
“He’ll be here soon, dear. Don’t you worry.”

It was closing time again, and still the mystery man hadn’t showed up.

“Well,” I said “it’s about closing time. Is there anything else I could get for you?”
“No, no,” she smiled “I’ve had a lovely time…” her voice trailed off and I noticed she was looking out the window with a huge grin on her face. She looked back at me her old eyes glittering like a school girls.
“I had the place wrong!” she said. “I knew he’d be here! Thank you again,” she said and she ran for the door.

I couldn’t help but follow her myself! She ran down the steps and out into the snow, and across the street. Under the street light was a very dapper looking older gentleman holding a bouquet of white roses.
“Harold!” She exclaimed and jumped into his arms. “I’ve been waiting for you, here, every December 10th for years!”
“Miriam,” he said, “I told you, that if you’d have me, meet me at the corner of Main and Pine. I MEANT the corner!”
“Oh, Harold! I would have had you then, and I’ll still have you now.”

I stood there, snow falling on me watching the most beautiful reunion I’ve ever seen. Harold and Miriam hugged and kissed and literally danced off through the snow.


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