She awoke bright and early that special day. There were many things to prepare. It was one of her favorite days, and she always celebrated. She put on one of her favorite dresses. She mostly put it on because it had always been his favorite. She went down stairs and started working on making his favorite meal, lasagna. She also set to work making his favorite chocolate cake.

As all of the food was baking, she went into the den and put up the few decorations she had gotten. Placing everything with great care and thought, she stood back to look at her work.

Yes, this will do very nicely she thought. The house began to fill with the mouthwatering, delicious smell of a very fine home cooked meal. “Time to get the Birthday boy” she said to herself.

She grabbed her keys from the hook near the door and headed down the basement steps. There he was, laying on the bed the two of them had once shared in that house. She came closer to him, with love flowing from every part of her being for this man.

“Happy birthday, my darling, Phillip,” she said to him.
“Please, Beth!” He yelled, sweat poring from his brow. “You cannot keep me here anymore! I never meant to hurt you, we were over though. You knew it and so did I. Please let me go,” he pleaded again. This was not the first time he’d made these statements.
Beth looked at him, and finally she said “Oh, darling. You could never leave me. You just need to learn that this is where you belong. I’ll never let us go, Phillip. Never.” She smiled a smile at him that chilled him to his core.

She leaned over and unlocked his handcuffs from their once shared bed, but was sure to keep his ankle shackles one. She wouldn’t make that mistake again. They both went up the stairs, very carefully. Phillip looked around at the preparations she’d made. “Thank you, Beth,” he said. He was careful not to let her see the fear in his eyes.

She took him to the table and had him sit. She brought out the cake and lit the candles. “I hope you’ll enjoy your special evening. I worked very hard for you today,” she smiled adoringly at him. She leaned down next to Phillip. She placed her lips against his ear as gentle as butterfly wings brushing a flower petal. “Make a wish, my darling.”



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