He’d known from the moment he saw her on the crowded street. They had been walking toward each other, heading in opposite directions. He had seen her right away. He was drawn to the beautiful color of her hair. Red. Red hair. He hadn’t known it was color he would even be interested in, but the moment he saw the beautiful red, he would never be the same.

Brilliant red hair and emerald green eyes. It was such a breathtaking combination. As he watched her walking toward him, it was as though all of the other people on the street melted away. It was just him and the flaming haired beauty. As they got closer to each other, she looked right at him and she smiled. The most simple, ordinary gesture. But that had been the moment that both of their lives changed.

He then start to see her everywhere. Everywhere she went, there he was. He knew her routine. She certainly was a creature of habit. Perhaps if she hadn’t been such a predictable person, it would not have been so easy to just “bump into her”.

But that’s how their relationship began, he thought. Just two people destined to be together. He sat there and thought of how lucky he was to have found the love of his life. He watched as she went through her bedtime routine. She came out of the bathroom and got into bed. Snuggling down into the covers, she smiled to herself. He couldn’t help smiling with her. She rolled onto one elbow and turned out the light.

“Goodnight, my beauty,” he said just barley a whisper. She drifted off to sleep, the sound of her breathing coming soft and steady. “One day she too will know I exist, and will fall in love with me,” he thought. This gave him a very comforting feeling as he watched her from the vent in the ceiling of her bedroom. “Soon,” he whispered again, “very soon, you’ll love me the way that I have loved you all these months. Not just from afar, or your ceiling anymore.” He smiled to himself and he too drifted off to a very peaceful sleep.



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