I sat at my usual spot and watched him. Tall, dark hair peeking out from under his hat, dark eyes darting back and forth as he moved around, so comfortable in his element. I watched his long, nimble fingers handle the instruments so carefully and gracefully. His breathtaking smile given freely to everyone he encountered.

There was a lull and he wiped his hands on the nearby towel and moved around the counter in my direction. My heart started to pound and my breath quickened.

“This could be it!” I thought, “This could be my moment.” He moved toward me slowly, stopping along the way to pick up a few items. He was then standing in front of me. My whole body was humming with excitement! “How’s your latte?” He asked me. I smiled into my cup and took a huge gulp of the warm liquid he crafted with such care.

“It’s good.” I murmured without fully meeting his eye. “Good.” He smiled, “Let me know if you need anything.” And he turned and walked away.

Well, it was a step in the right direction. More than any other interaction we’d had. And after all, I’ll be back tomorrow.


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